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Thrown by hand on my potter's wheel from my studio in East Bristol, this angled vase is made from high fire stoneware clay and covered in a glaze I've decided to name Saltmarsh - it reminds me of windswept walks on the coast of my native Devon, and in it's variegated colour, it ranges from churny whites, to deep sea and navy blues, to breaking maroon on sharper edges. 


It's glazed on the inside too, so it's completely watertight. Perfect for dry or fresh flowers, or to place on a shelf somewhere. 



23cm x 8cm at widest point

High-fire stoneware clay 


I've recently enjoyed making sculptural vases that have a combination of curved lines, intersecting at a sharp angle, to create shapes that feel in balance - both on the eye and in the hand. This vase will hopefully be the beginning of a larger body of work focusing on less functional (but still functional) pieces. 

Angled Vase No. 2 in Saltmarsh

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