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Butter is my favourite food: there's no getting around it. And what could be a better way to celebrate the gloriousness of butter than a real nice butter dish, hand-thrown from my Bristol studio. 


With a reversable base, the bottom plate can be used either flat side down (and therefore with a ring to keep the lid in place) or footring-side-down (which raises the dish a little and enables you to pick it up easily). Up to you. Both are nice. The bottom plate features a gentle swirl mark which I've made with my thumb.


This butter dish features a comfortable handle and is stamped with my maker's mark. It has been glazed in my new glaze, sea foam blue, which is a variegated colour, ranging from Italian sea aquamarine to churny soft white where the rutile in the glaze sits a little thicker. It's a very pretty colour that's slightly impossible to photograph, but I've done my best. Also available in Oatmeal :) 



13cm diameter of butter bell at widest point

15cm diameter of flippable plate 

9cm total height. 


Food safe glaze

Not recommended for microwaves or dishwashers (although I whack mine in all the time and it's fine - the glaze will have a longer lifespan if you handwash it, though).

Butter Dish in Sea Foam Blue

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