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Feel as if it's taken me forever to make a mug with the right proportions for a proper cup of tea - handle big enough, rim smooth enough, walls thick enough to keep the tea hot but thin enough to feel light in the hand, and obviously - in my new five glazes: Olive, Burnt Umber, Sandstone, Sea Foam and Toad (no better word to describe a shiny green) as well as in ze classique Oatmeal. Chuffed with these satisfyingly practical shapes, too. Little bit leany-inny but not so overt it feels annoying to look at. And a properly traditionally pulled handle with a groove in which to rest your thumb. 


Named after one of my oldest friends - a proper powerhouse of a woman - who appreciates a nice mug. 



Roughly 11cm x 9.5cm 


Hand-thrown on the potter's wheel by me in my East Bristol studio. Food-safe glazes that I mixed up meself, dishwasher safe (but not recommended, to preserve their life-span - although I whack all mine in the dishwasher all the time!) 

Emmeline Mug in Sea Foam

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