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Hand-thrown from Oxidising St. Thomas clay in my studio in East Bristol, before being freehand glazed in my sea foam blue glaze, using a pouring method. Where the glaze is a little thicker the colour is closer to a churny white and where it's thinner it's a brighter, almost aquamarine shade. Glazes are always so hard to describe but it's a variegated colour and very pretty with lots of tiny crystals!


This mug is the perfect size for tea in my opinion, with a handle big enough for two fingers, pulled in the traditional method from the mug body itself. The clay on the bottom half of the mug is left raw, and sanded to a soft, velvety texture. I love this style of mug and it's the one I reach to most in the studio for herbal teas in the afternoon.




Semi-Dip Tea Mug in Sea Foam

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