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Thrown from Earthstone Reduction clay before being covered in a classic celadon crackle glaze, this jug is perfect for a handful of wildflowers (sweet peas perfect), or whatever else your heart desires. 


Fired in a gas kiln (thus creating a reduction atmosphere) this little jug has some beautifully fire-licked patches on the side, and where the glaze pools thicker at the top of the handle and on the inside of the rim, some fantastic 'crazing' - or crackling - has occured. A really pretty little jug, a properly special piece. And due to the randomness of the gas firing process, a true one-off. 


The bottom of the jug is simply turned, and I 'florence' is written on the underside with a pin. 


With a traditional 'pulled' handle, and a tiny little spout, it'd make a lovely housewarming or birthday gift. 




15cm x 5cm at rim (roughly)


*please be aware this is a hand-thrown piece, and as such, small differences between images and jug are to be expected.

Short Reduction fired Jug in Celadon Crackle

  • Although *theoretically* dishwasher safe, to prolong the lifespan of this jug, I'd suggest hand-washing with warm soapy water. If any staining occurs, due to - say - contact with grubby flowers, the stain can be removed using bicarbonate of soda and warm water. 

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