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Hand-thrown on the potter's wheel in my Bristol studio, these white grooved breakfast bowls are the perfect accompaniment to your morning porridge. After all - breakfast's the most important meal of the day, right? 


Initially thrown to have a smooth surface, I then use my fingertips to impress lines onto the outside of the surface of the pot, whilst supporting the inner curve so as not to spoil the smoothless on the inside. 


When leather-hard, I then reinforce the grooves by turning the pot upside down on the wheel, and carving the ridges out by hand. The bowl is then bisque-fired before being dunked in a semi-matte oatmeal-coloured glaze, and fired to 1260 degrees centigrade. The base of the pot is left raw, but sanded with two grades of sandpaper to a silky smooth surface. 


Infinitely satisfying to hold in the hand, these bowls are durable and minimalist, and perfectly complement the other white items in the grooved range. The clay I use is a hand-mixed blend of white and speckled clays - the small flecks of basalt expressing themselves beautifully through the white glaze. A subtle, understated feature. 



18cm diameter, 8cm height. 


All packaging is recycled. All clay scraps are reclaimed and remade into new pots. Very little goes to waste in the Florence Ceramics studio. 

Grooved White Stoneware Breakfast Bowl

SKU: 002
  • Although theoretically dishwasher safe, to prolong the life of this handmade bowl, I'd advise washing by hand with warm soapy water. Small variations between image and product may occur due to the handmade nature of the piece. 

  • Please email for international postage quotation

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