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It's surprisingly easy, with all the little tasks in the studio, to forget a simple thing like stamping the bottoms of pots after turning them - this vase is one of the lucky few who've escaped my makers mark (and I only realised after the glaze firing - classic) so I've knocked a couple of quid off. Hopefully someone won't mind a pot that's entirely perfect apart from the bottom... 


Thrown from white speckled stoneware before being covered in a glaze I've settled on calling Burnt Umber, this tall jug is perfect for a bunch of wildflowers, a whole pint of milk, or whatever else your heart desires. 


I've spent around 4 months developing this glaze, which has an amazing colour-changing capactiy. In bright sunshine it appears golden orange-rust, breaking red on the edges, and in shadow, it scales the green to yellow spectrum. I've taken pictures of it in both lights so you can see the difference. 


The bottom of the jug is simply turned, and *NOT* stamped with my maker's mark - soz. 


With a traditional 'pulled' handle, and a tiny little spout, it'd make a lovely housewarming or birthday gift. 




20cm x 6cm at rim (roughly)


*please be aware this is a hand-thrown piece, and as such, small differences between images and jug are to be expected.

Tall Jug in Burnt Umber *second*

£38.00 Regular Price
£34.00Sale Price
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