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Named after Frances Palmer, matriarch of American contemporary pottery herself (and prize-winning dahlia-grower), these cups are the perfect size for a morning's coffee. 


When I was developing this cup, I was looking for something halfway in-between my Dimple cup and the Emmeline mug. A shape that had a handle and was comfortable to hold; something close to a flat white size volume, and something that could be stacked. A mere four months of development later and I think we're there (or we are for the moment, until I change my mind again, anyway). 


These cups come in three colours: sea foam, burnt umber and oatmeal, and are thrown from a high-fire white stoneware clay on the potter's wheel. Handmade from beginning to end including the glaze, which I mix together from raw materials. 


Functional, food-safe glaze, and made to bring a bit of joy to your morning. We love ya Frances!



10cm x 9xm 


Food Safe



Handmade Pottery, born in Bristol 

The Frances Cup

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