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Thrown by hand in my Bristol studio, these pasta bowls are made from durable, gently flecked clay. They're glazed on the inside, the outside being left raw, which creates a satisfying textural change. 


The Burnt Umber glaze is a really interesting chameleon colour. In bright sunshine it appears golden orange-rust, breaking red on the edges, and in shadow, it scales the green to yellow spectrum. I've taken pictures of it in both lights so you can see the difference. Kinda golden. Kinda crystalline, kinda like creme brulee. They also stack quite nicely.


These bowls are thrown by hand, before being finely turned. They have a slightly raised, turned foot ring which helps create a lightness in the hand.



20cm x 6.5cm

Footring: 7.5cm

Wide Rim Pasta Bowl

  • To prolong the lifespan of these bowls, I'd suggest hand-washing with warm soapy water. If any staining occurs, due to - say - contact with turmeric or beetroot, the stain can be removed using bicarbonate of soda and warm water. 

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