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Thrown by hand in my Bristol studio, these pasta bowls are made from durable, gently flecked clay, part-blended with a white high-fire stoneware clay, to create a kind of 'swirled' effect running through the piece. They're glazed on the inside with my oatmeal glaze, whilst the outside is left raw, creating a satisfying textural change. The white glaze over the tiny flecks on the inside causes them to 'bloom' slightly, bringing the gentle speckle to the surface.


These bowls are thrown by hand, before being finely turned. They have a slightly raised, turned foot ring which helps create a lightness in the hand, and are stamped with my maker's mark on the underside. The perfect bowl for pasta, but also anything you might like to eat out of a wider bowl - porridge, even, would be a delight from one of these bad boys.



21cm x 6.5cm

Footring: 7.5cm



Hand thrown on the potter's wheel - each bowl will ever so slightly differentiate from the next. 

Beautiful speckled clay.

Durable and satisfying to use.

Wide Rim Pasta Bowl in Swirled Oatmeal

  • To prolong the lifespan of these bowls, I'd suggest hand-washing with warm soapy water (although I whack mine in the dishwasher 24/7 and they're fine). If any staining occurs, due to - say - contact with turmeric or beetroot, the stain can be removed using bicarbonate of soda and warm water. 

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